Hub Staff - Alphabetical List

The Hub Staff serve these departments:  Entomology   Forest and Wildlife Ecology   Plant Pathology

EMERGENCIES:  Building Manager - Mike Schaeffer - 608-260-4679

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  Contact Info Expertise
Name: Benjamin Ace
Title: Instrument Maker
Phone: 608-219-6911
Office: B81 Russell Labs
Email: ace2[at]wisc[dot]edu
Develop and maintain instrumentation and lab equipment, assemble and design unique scientific equipment, maintain building facilities to include refrigeration units, -80 freezers, water systems, belts, switches and general instrumentation.
Name: Alyson Amenda
Title: Financial Specialist
Phone: 263-4346
Office: 290 Russell Labs
E-mail: amenda[at]wisc[dot]edu
Expense report approval; purchasing - direct payments, payment to individuals, charge backs, internal and external work orders, requisitions to include CORS, Academic Service Agreements Sole Source bids, ordering supplies to include MDS and UW Fleet.
Name: Laurie Ballentine
Title: University Services Associate
Phone: 262-2671
Office: 226 Russell Labs
Email: lsballen[at]wisc[dot]edu
Front desk reception. Student and LTE payroll, web updates, A/V equipment checkout, office supplies, shipping and receiving, and room scheduling.  2010 Classified Staff Recognition Award winner.
Name: Carol Bargman
Title: Financial Specialist
Phone: 263-4519
Office: 218 Russell Labs
Email: cbargman[at]wisc[dot]edu
Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit to include Research Work Orders, Vehicle Checkout; E-reimbursement.
Name: Todd Barwick
Title: Office Operations Associate
Phone: 608-262-3227
Office: 237 Russell Labs
Email: tbarwick[at]wisc[dot]edu
Front desk reception, travel arrangements and e-reimbursement, student and LTE payroll, room scheduling, office supplies, and shipping.
Name: Thomas Dettinger
Title: Instrument Maker
Phone: 608-265-9233
Office: 290 Russell Labs
Email: tdd[at]plantpath.wisc[dot]edu
Maintain plant growth rooms; repair installation and maintenance in support of facilities; fabricate lab equipment and departmental fleet vehicles.
Name: Paul Gunther
Title: IT Manager
Phone: 608-492-1616
Office: 474 Russell Labs
Email: pogunther[at]wisc[dot]edu
Direction and management of IT operations at Russell Labs; manage and maintain developed network to include new technologies, specialized applications, operating systems both hardware and software.

Name: Garrett Hamilton
Title: Financial Specialist 2
Phone: 608-262-6440
Office: 290 Russell
Email: ghamilton2[at]wisc[dot]edu

Expense report approval; purchasing - direct payments, payment to individuals, charge backs, internal and external work orders, requisitions to include CORS, Academic Service Agreements Sole Source bids, ordering supplies to include MDS and UW Fleet.
Name: Hoklan Hau
Title: System Administrator
Phone: 608-263-6828
Office: A140 Russell Labs
Email: hhau[at]russell.wisc[dot]edu
Instructional technology consulting and research/instructional application development. Technical planning and operations; communications and professional development.
Name: Dixie Lang
Title: Web Developer
Room: A109 Russell Labs
Email: webeditor[at]russell.wisc[dot]edu

Departmental and research web technology consulting.  Strategic planning for enterprise-level websites.  Technical training and mentoring of faculty, staff and students on content management software (Drupal, WordPress).

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Name: Laurie Luther
Title: Senior Administrative Specialist
Phone: 608-262-0235
237E Russell Labs
Email: laluther[at]plantpath.wisc[dot]edu
Pre-award, grant proposals and budgets; WISPER, Grants.gov, Cayuse, NSF Fastlane, ECRT and effort reporting.
Name: Mary Miron
Title: Editor
Phone: 608-262-6969
Office: AB25 Russell Labs
Email: mjmiron[at]wisc[dot]edu
My position is a 50% appointment. I edit and oversee production of departmental newsletters, maintain alumni databases, record minutes of departmental meetings, develop material for posting on departmental websites, assist with annual lectures, assist with preparation of teaching materials, coordinate conferences, and assist with special projects as needed. As time allows I also edit materials for faculty and staff prior to submission for publication.
Name: Sara Rodock
Title: Student Services Coordinator
Phone: 608-262-9926
Office: 276 Russell Labs
Email: rodock[at]wisc[dot]edu
I coordinate all things related to academic programs including both undergraduate students and graduate students.  If you would like more information about our academic programs, please contact me.  Current UW-Madison students can use my WiscCal Scheduling Assistant link to make an appointment.
Name: Michael Schaeffer
Title: Instrument Shop Supervisor/Building Manager
Phone: 608-260-4679
Office: B54G Russell Labs
Email: mas[at]plantpath.wisc[dot]edu
Design and construct scientific field equipment and laboratory apparatus; provide and oversee repair and maintenance in Russell Lab facilities to include offices, labs and offsite Ag buildings and fields. Emergency contact for Russell Lab. Classified Staff Recognition Award 2002.
Name: Deborah Sutinen
Title: Financial Specialist
Office: 11g Veterans Administration Hospital
Email: dmsutinen[at]wisc[dot]edu
e-reimbursement approvals.
Name: Sheila Timme
Title: Academic Department Manager/Administrator of Russell Labs Service Center
Phone: 608-263-4520
Office: 237C Russell Labs
Email: smtimme[at]wisc[dot]edu
Administration of budget and financial; Human Resources contact for payroll, benefits; policy and procedure on academic, instructional and outreach functions in Russell Labs. CALS Classified Staff Award 2011.
Name: Margaret Webster
Title: Financial Specialist Program Supervisor
Phone: 608-262-3073
Office: 284 Russell Labs
Email: mmwebste[at]wisc[dot]edu
Oversee all financial to include pre-award to post award closeouts. Supervise financial area to include staff submitting student and LTE payrolls. CALS Classified Staff Award 1998.
Name: Cory Wiedenhoeft
Title: IS Network Support Technician Senior
Phone: 608.890.0248
Email: cwiedenhoeft[at]wisc[dot]edu
Office: 436B Russell Labs

Help Desk Email:

Desktop hardware and software.

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Name: John Wipperfurth
Title: Instrument Maker
Phone: 608-333-2619
Office: B81 Russell Labs
Email: jlwipperfurt[at]wisc[dot]edu
Fabricate and repair lab equipment; maintain building facilities; aid in layout design and construction to fabricate required items.